1/700 Combrig
Russian Type D Submarine

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Russian Type D submarines were long range ocean going patrol type subs. They were a new design that improved on the earlier Type C class. Only 6 were built but they served well beyond the World War Two era. They are:

D-1 Dekabrist
D-2 Narodovoletc
D-3 Krasnogvardeec
D-4 Revolutioner
D-5 Spartakovec
D-6 Jakobinec

Combrig has chosed this obscure sub as the subject of one of their latest releases.

Instead of a two piece hull, there are two separate hull options provided. A full hull and a waterline option. This saves the modeler a lot of time as you no longer have a long seam to fill if you choose the full hull option. The casting on this kit is pretty good and the detailing is nice. I have no real references for this class of sub so I can not comment on accuaracly except to say it looks like the photo's I have seen. The conning tower walls have a scale appearing thickness and surface detail is pretty good for such a simple kit.
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The propellers, rudder, and bow and tail planes are all cast in resin. The deck guns and other details are pretty well done and the periscopes are very delicate.
The instructions are basic (and in Russian), but this kit is so simple, you will not have a hard time figuring out where everything goes by referencing the exploded views.

There is no photo etch included in this kit.


If you have never attempted a resin kit, this would be a good one to start out with. This kit is listed for $12.00 in the latest Pacific Front Update making it a real bargain and hard to pass up. The inclusion of two separate hulls makes it a real bargin. Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample.

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