Reviewed by Sean Hert
February 2013

The Foxtrots were a second-generation Soviet diesel-electric submarine first built in 1957. They comprised one of the largest classes of post-war submarines, with around 74 units constructed. The Foxtrots were an evolution Zulu class, keeping the same triple-propellor propulsion arrangement, as well as having the same basic armament; six forward facing torpedo tubes, and four after. The Foxtrots were quieter, faster, and could dive for longer and deeper than the Zulu, making them more suitable to pursue US Navy aircraft carriers.

The Foxtrots had long careers, in both the Soviet and other Bloc allied navies.


A standard OKB sub; single piece full hull, cast on a central sprue, and a separate resin prop hub. This sub is cast to OKB's standard quality, with nicely etched details and appearance. There is a ridge running the length of the deck for the photoetch.


Two photoetch frets are included; a fret with the three six-bladed props, and the fret for the deck detail.


Available from Pacific Front Models, this kit retails for $15.95. Thanks to OKB for this review sample.