OKB Grigorov 1/700
Project 667 BDRM Dolphin SSBN (NATO: Delta IV)

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The ultimate symbol of Soviet strategic naval power: the Delta IV. During the final years of the Cold War, these SSBNs maintained the balance of power through the theory and policy of MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction. They possessed the ability to rain nuclear fire upon the heads of the enemies of the Soviet State at a moments notice with 16 SLBMs, each with 4 MIRV warheads.

Externally similar to the preceding Delta III, these double-hulled SSBNs entered service in the mid 1980's and some continue to serve today. The Delta IV had greater capabilities than the other Delta variants; greater operational and crush depths, as well as enhanced launch capabilities. These subs could launch their missiles at greater depths, from singly to a full 16-missile salvo, while moving submerged.


This kit is cast as a single piece full hull. The hull is well made with no flash a few casting remnants. The hull is attached to a casting sprue running the length of the lower hull. This sprue does look to run across some detail on the lower hull, but this should be easy to repair.

The Delta IV is as aggressively detailed as the other offerings from OKB, with many hull openings, hatches, cooling scoops and vents. The conning tower features the same attention to detail and the pressure hull, but there are not provisions to show the various sensor masts and periscopes in a deployed fashion. OKB feels that these can be best constructed by the modeler.

The silo farm bulge fairs nicely into the main hull, with a smooth transition. The upper deck of the main hull is also well detailed, leading down to the twin skegs for the props and the rudder/dive plane assembly. This part of the hull, particularly the underside, shows some distortion and mold wear. While these are relatively minor issues, the delicacy and complexity of the curvatures make for difficulties in correction- and the high quality of the remaining the hull only accentuates these issues!


Photoetch blades for the twin screws.

Basic single page instructions

OKB Grigorov's Delta IV, like many of the their offerings, is the only example currently available in 1/700. Given the high quality and value of this kit, there is little reason for anyone else to release an competing entry either! OKB has certainly established themselves as a force in 1/700 Cold War subs.

Thanks to OKB Grigorov for this review sample. OKB Grigorov products are available from Pacific Front Hobbies in the USA, and in Europe from NNT.

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