Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Borey Class is the latest Russian Strategic Missile Sub to enter service. The Borey, a Project 955 sub is the replacement for the Delta and Typhoon classes now in service. This new sub is designed to carry the new Bulava ballistic missile, but could end up with the proven Sineva missiles also. 

The Borey class has a new more hydrodynamic hull with a pump-jet propulsions system. They are about 560' (170 m) long and can do about 32 knots underwater. Budget cuts have slowed delivery of these new subs but the first is already at sea and the next two are entering service in 2011.

This 1/350 kit from the Russian company Polar Bear Products a relative newcomer to the hobby represents the first of the new Borey class subs. It is a one piece casting that is about 19 inches long. Casting is pretty clean and defect free, however there is seam that runs along the middle of the hull near the waterline that will need some cleanup. 
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Surface detail is pretty good and the overall shape looks correct. The bottom of the hull includes 2 cast in holes for the mounting posts shown below. 
Brass mounting posts similar to lamp risers are included with mounting studs on both ends. The hole in the bottom of the sub will need to be tapped to match the threads for a solid mounting. Periscope and other details are brass rod with the appropriate shapes cast on them. There are some cast in mounting holes for placement. The pump-jet shroud is cast in two pieces, but one of mine was broken. The break is clean and it looks like I can just glue it back together. Some decals are provided as well. The white on white markings are very hard to make out. More careful packing would be helpful to prevent damage to the more delicate parts. 
The instructions are five pages featuring photos of a completed kit and some plan and elevation views. It will take some considerable studying to figure out where things go. There are only a few parts but it would help if there was an exploded views as it is not clear where everything goes. 

This is an impressive looking resin sub, one that will make a nice display model. Once you figure out the instructions, the assembly should go pretty quick. It will make an interesting comparison with other Russian Subs. This kit is priced at $135 and is available from Pacific Front Hobbies