Buyan-M Class Corvette, Project 21631 of the Russian Navy by Ayala Botto
Reviewed September 2017
by Ayala Botto
Designed by Zelenodolsk Design, the 900-ton class Project 21631 Buyan-M is a stretched version of the 500-ton Buyan class corvette (Project 21630) that includes more sophisticated weapons (VLS cells with Kalibr-NK system with P-800 Onix) and the ability to perform anti-surface warfare (ASuW) combat missions with secondary air defense capability, thanks to four Igla-1M surface-to-air missiles (SAM).

The Russian Navy plans to produce a considerable number of this corvettes to be delivered to the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Baltic fleets. 
Length: 75 m / 246 ft
Beam: 11 m / 36 ft
Draft: 2,5 m / 8 ft
Height: 6,57m / 22ft
Displacement: 949 tons full loaded
Propulsion: 2 shaft CODAD, 4 x Zvezda M520, 14,584 shp (10,880 kW)
2 pump-jets
Speed: 26 kn (48 Km/h / 30 mph)
Endurance: 2,300 nmi (4.300 km; 2.600 mi) at 12 knots
Autonomy: 10 days
Crew: 52

:Radars, Sensors, Sonar and Communications Armament:
  • Radar: MR-352 Pozitiv-M1.2 phased array radar system
  • Fire Control: 5P-10-03 Laska
  • Navigational Radar: MR-231 Pal
  • Sonar: Anapa-M suite
  • Electro-optical surveillance device
Electronic warfare:
  • Decoys: 2 × PK-10 decoy 
  • 1x Arsenal A-190 100mm gun
  • 2× 4 UKSK VLS cells Kalibr-NK system
  • 2× 30 mm AK-630-M2
  • 2× 4 Komar SAM
  • 1× DP-65 anti-saboteur grenade launcher
  • 2x MTPU pedestal machine gun 14.5mm
  • 3× 7.62 mm PKM type 

Included in the box:
  • Single piece waterline resin hull
  • Sprue with all resin parts for the hull
  • Complete PE set
  • Decal sheet for 5 ships of the class
  • Instruction sheet
Buyan-M-13 Buyan-M-14
The model is cast as single waterline resin hull piece with acceptable moulded details for a such a small model. Given the fact this is a waterline model, the quick works (immersed part of the hull) are not represented. Buyan-M-03
Buyan-M-04 Buyan-M-05 Buyan-M-06 Buyan-M-07 Buyan-M-08
Resin Parts:
The main resin sprue includes all necessary parts to be applied on the hull, namely:
  • FWD Mast and Dome
  • AFT Mast
  • Gun Director for the 100mm gun
  • Different types of Domes
  • Arsenal A-190M 100mm turret
  • 2× SAM mounts
  • 6x barrel CIWS
  • RHIB
Photo Etch Set:
  • Detailed parts for the FWD Mast
  • Railings
  • Vertical Ladders
  • Inclined Ladders
  • 14,5 mm MTPU pedestal machine guns
  • Whip antennas
  • Fwd and Aft flag masts
  • Anchor
  • Etc
Unfortunately, the decal set included in this model is completely useless. Although pennant numbers and names in Cyrillic for the first 5 ships of this class are included (021, 022, 023, 602 and 603), all decals are blurred. The photo of the decal sheet speaks for itself, regarding the quality of the decals. Buyan-M-12
The instruction sheet is a fairly simple but provides a complete and clear guide to the correct location of all parts.
Buyan-M-01 Buyan-M-02
Painting Scheme:
The WEM Russian Baltic Fleet Grey M20 is the correct option to paint the hull and “vertical” surfaces and the decks should be painted with the Russian Deck Red M13, both paints produced by WEM Colour Coats.

The Vallejo Colour 982 Cavalry Brown is my suggestion to paint the red colour below the white water line. 

Just like other Russian warships models, due to thickness of the water line, I strongly recommend the use of a very thin white decal stripe, however, but only after painting the black area of the hull.

Buyan-M-15 Buyan-M-16 Buyan-M-17 Buyan-M-18
Buyan-M-19 Buyan-M-20 Buyan-M-21 Buyan-M-22
Buyan-M-23 Buyan-M-24 Buyan-M-25 Buyan-M-26
This is a pretty straight forward to build model that requires however a few modifications in order to produce a more accurate model, namely the addition of:
  • Life rafts
  • Rails on VLS deck.
  • PE anchor chains at the bow
  • PE life buoys. 
I also modified the position of the white AFT dome installed on the small structure close to the AFT Komar SAM mount. The lack of a decent decal sheet is indeed a serious and annoying hassle nowadays. A welcome kit for all naval modelers looking forward to complete their Russian warships fleet at 1/700 scale, available at NNT Modell

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