Russina Imperial Navy destroyer BOEVOI / SOM 1900

Built 1898-1900 by Laird UK

I was happily building my 1/700 Bretagne by Delphis when I got stuck for information and had to wait for plans etc. to be sent. As a distraction I thought I could 'quickly' build a simple little ship model......

Conways All the Worlds Fighting Ships 1860-1905 simply states; ' a four funnel destroyer of the usual Laird type, with the 11pdr forward and two single deck TT abaft the second and fourth funnel. Boevoi was torpedoed by a Japanese picket boat on 24.7.1904 but managed to make Port Arthur. Scuttled 2.1.1905'

This model was built from the Combrig 1/700 resin kit. Upon opening the box and removing the packaging one searches in the far corners of the box and finds the hull and a very small bag of parts.... the value for money factor initially seems very low but this is deceptive as the kit is in my view a real gem!
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The hull measures a mere 3.75 inches stem to stern, but the casting is packed with detail. Furthermore there are huge amounts of very small cowl vents to position which very quickly gives the model a 'busy' appearance. I chose to use the kit funnels as they were exquisitely formed and unusually for Combrig and resin in general hollow! I elected to make new platforms for the fwd conning position and aft gun platform so that I could make the column supports from 1/350 rail PE cut up and used as stilts, upon which I placed a new PE planked deck. The fwd gun platform was made from a spare circular PE radar with more radiating tiny strips of PE added to give it texture.
I used exclusively the plan of profile and upper deck which can be found in Morskaya Kollektsiya (a russian publication, in Russian....) 5/2000 about early RIN destroyers. The inside front cover has photos of a fine large scale model in Victorian Baltic colors which I used as my guide for painting and detailing for right or wrong...
I enjoyed very much the build of SOM, the end was always in sight and there was so much detail crammed into a small space....
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The awning stanchions were GMM IJN gold plus Lino fastening strips, as were the figures and rails. The mooring bollards on the foredeck were cut from ladder stock, the anchors are cut down WEM Askold as is the chain and the PE life preservers.

I would recommend this little kit to anyone who wishes to have an early destroyer in their collection.

I have all the other Combrig destroyers in stock.... I feel quite enthused to soon build another one!!

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