1/700 Modelkrak
Russian Protected Cruiser Aurora

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Modelkrak, a relatively unknown resin producing company from Poland has released this new kit of one of Russia's most famous ships. It is among the oldest preserved ships still afloat. It survived the battle of Tsu-Shima on May 27, 1905, and two world wars. For more details check the excellent Ship Tour on the International Maritime Modeling site (see the link below).
My kit came well packed in a sturdy cardboard box and the hull was secured in bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage. The hull is nicely cast with very fine detailing. The deck planking is finely scribed and the surface detail is well done. The anchors and boarding stairs are cast onto the hull. If they weren't so finely done this would be a major complaint. I would leave the anchors in place and instead replace the boarding stairs with photo etch. The hull does have an excessively large casting plug on the bottom of the hull but at least it's in an area where it will not be a problem to remove.
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The superstructure parts are pretty fine with thin shields and nice surface detail. The amount of casting gate material on these parts is a little excessive, but not hard to remove.
The gun turrets and barrels are well cast, as are the various fittings. My kit didn't contain a mast and there are many parts here that I'm not sure what they are. There are some mast platforms but no instructions on how to make them.
The ships boats are well done and pretty detailed and fortunately the casting plugs are strategically place to be easily removed without losing detail.
The instructions are this kits weak point as they are just plain poor. You will need other references to finish this kit properly. Many parts are not shown and I was left wondering what they were and where they were placed. There is a plan and elevation view that is so small that one can not tell what all the parts are. The text is in Polish with no translation provided.

This is a nicely detailed kit, the casting quality is good with the exception of the thick gates. So this has the makings for a great kit if one has the references to refer to. 

Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. This kit is listed for $35.00 in the latest Pacific Front Update.

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