Combrig 1/700
Rurik II (Re-Mastered) Preview

Preview by Vladimir Yakubov

The original model of the Rurik II has been released over 10 years ago and for it's time was pretty good, but since then several things happened - first of all, a new book on the ship was released containing the copies of the original drawings - "Ryurik - Flaship of the Baltic Fleet" by Vinogradov and Fedechkin, which showed that the original kit was built upon the erroneous plans and was dimensionally wrong and second, Combrig's casting and quality has increased dramatically, so they completely redid the masters using computer 3D software and CNC machines to create them and re-released it. The other benefit of the new model is that while old one showed the ship as built - with linoleum decks, this one shows it after the refit with wooden decks, which means that a kit can be built into Rurik throughout it's active career from 1910 to 1922, instead of just during trials in 1908-10.  Unlike the older version this kit also includes the photoetch.  The kit comes with 140+ resin parts and 75+ photoetch ones.  Stay tuned for a full review of this kit after it comes out.

You will be able to purchase this kit from Pacific Front Hobbies and White Ensign Models and other online retailers.