Veteran Models
1/700 ROC Destroyer

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
To strengthen the Navy of Taiwan, the United States sent several Modernized Gearing Class Destroyers to help patrol the straights of Formosa. The Navy of Taiwan is not well documented to those of us in the Western world, but Veteran Models, a new company out of Taiwan has chosen this as their first subject. I first became aware of this company when I received pictures of the 1/700 ROC Destroyer Chien Yang that Chen.Chih-Pang submitted to the ModelShipGallery. His model was truly a work of art. I am pleased to learn that this kit is now available to all of us. The kit comes well packed in a sturdy box with the hull protected in bubble wrap and all the parts secured to cardstock with double sided tape and packed in plastic bags. A nice instructions sheet and CD's are included to help you build your kit.
The hull is cast as a waterline kit, with most of the superstructure cast on. There is a small casting gate at the bow that must be removed but the rest of the hull looks ready to build. The details is amazing, and really isn't all evident with the naked eye. The hull has all kinds of surface detail, from doors and hatches to piping and conduit running along the walls. The second deck level is cast in place with overhanging surfaces cleanly cast right into the corners. Click images
to enlarge
A lower hull is included with a sooner dome cast on. A base is included if you wish to build your ship full hull. The base will allow you non waterline modelers to display the ship with props and rudders.
The superstructure parts that are not cast onto the hull include the bridge, and some other decks. The bridge is cast onto a resin runner leaving only a small casting gate to remove and preserving the majority of the detail. The surface detail is also quite well done on this part. 
The funnel and other platforms are well cast with some platforms having underside bracing. 
The various parts show an attention to detail that goes above and beyond what you will find in the typical kit. Some of the weapons are mounted on coils of wire that are cast on the base.
The kit includes an MD-500 ASW Helo that is really amazing considering it's small size. The majority of the parts are incredibly fine for resin castings. The main guns are very well cast, and all the parts are very delicate. 
You will have to do a little straightening with the mast and propeller shafts, but this shouldn't be to difficult.
Two photo etch frets are provided relief etched on stainless steel. The parts are very fine with clean crisp lines. Etched fold lines are provided to allow you to fold in the right place.
Railing is also very fine with netting etched on the lower half. Helo safety nets are also included with some nice net detailing.
The decals are shown from the backside. Cutting lines are included on the back side
The instructions are a 6 page booklet showing the assembly in a step by step process that is easy to follow. Very thorough and well illustrated. A step by step guide to assembly is provided on a CD that will allow you to build a really great model.
The kit includes a CD with photo's of the real ship and sister ships taken from a multitude of angles. Virtually every detail on the ship is photographed in high resolution that not only allowed the designers of the kit to produce an accurate kit, but will allow you to build an accurate model.

Completed model with MD-500 on deck.

This kit is extremely well detailed and includes everything you need to build a first class model of a Taiwanese Destroyer. This kit is truly one of a kind and Veteran has produced a kit that you would only expect from a Veteran Company. If their first release is this good, you can expect great things from this company. I am looking forward to seeing what else this team can produce. This kit has previously only been available in the far East. As I write this negotiations with Pacific Front Hobbies and Trident Hobbies are underway to bring this line to the Western world. I will update this review with the details as soon as they are available.