reviewed  by Timothy Dike
December 2013

The HDMS Absalom L-16 is the lead ship of a new flexible support ship. Along with her sistership, Esbern Snare (L17), these ships are designed to operate as command and support ships in an international role. They have the weapons capability of a typical destroyer with the ability to deliver combat vehicles or support equipment to distant ports. They are constructed to have a very low radar return in the face of modern opponents with the flexibility to deal with even the most primitive of enemies. 

Recently the Absalon has been very involved in counter-piracy mission off Somalia and the east coast of Africa. Serving as the Danish flagship Absalon helped capture a number of  pirates operating in the Gulf of Aden. The ship has helped rescue the crews of many merchants vessels held hostage by pirates. Today Absalon is helping to  insure the free passage of international shipping in some of the most dangerous waters in the world. 

NNT's newest release captures this stealthy new ship in 1/700 scale. 

The hull is nicely cast in waterline style with very little flash. The hull and superstructure are nicely blended together as on the real ship. Though this is a stealth ship there is still some sharp surface detailing. Features such as the roll-up hanger doors are well done. The stern roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) deck is hollowed out with a separately applied flight deck to allow for more detailing.
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With so much of the superstructure incorporated into the hull, there are few other major parts to add. The Mack and radar domes are nicely cast. Many of the details are fine so care must be used to separate them from the resin sprues. The 5" main gun includes a separate gun barrel, The Westland Lynx is cast with very fine landing gear although I would have preferred to have the tail boom cast onto the fuselage instead of being separate. Also included are Harpoon launchers, ships boats, and RHIB's.
A single decal sheet is included with hull number for Absalon (L16) and sistership Esbern Snare (L17). Flight deck markings, roundels for the Helo and flags are printed by Eduard in their usual sharp well registered styles. 
 Deck ramps, helo rotors, and safety nets are nicely etched in stainless steel by Eduard. 
The instructions consist of five pages with a brief history and a bill of materials. The kit is shown assembled with numbered leaders indicating parts locations. These are nice, but some good exploded view drawings to supplement these would be nice.
A sharp rendition of this new Royal Danish Navy stealthy ship, a nice complement to your modern NATO Navy. Build one to help keep your 700 scale ship lanes clear of Somali pirates.

This is kit #NNT 70040  HSMD Absalon L16 for $107.03 US or 77.00 EU.  You can order yours direct from NNT.