Trumpeter 1/350
PLAN 051C Shenyang DDG-115

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Type 051C fleet air-defense guided missile destroyer was launched in December 2004 at the Dalian Shipyard. The overall design resembles an enlarged Type 051B/Luhai DDG; however the Luhai has a more traditional appearance. The 051C provides it air-defense capabilities via the Russian S-300F (NATO Codename SA-N-20) air defence missile system. A total of 64 missiles are carried, housed in 6 revolver launchers, each with 8 missiles. 2 launchers are placed on the 01 deck, forward of the bridge, with the remaining 4 inside the aft deckhouse taking the place of a helicopter hanger. The TOMBSTONE phased array fire control radar is capable of directing 12 missiles, engaging up to 6 different targets simultaneously.

In addition to the AAD missiles, the 051C carries a 100mm gun forward, 2 Type 730 CIWS midship, and 8 YJ-83 SSM's abaft the forward funnel.

The PLAN currently has 2 of this conventionally steam turbine powered class in operation. If China's plans for a true carrier and blue water navy come to fruition, experience operating ships like the 051C Shenyang will have an important role in fleet/carrier battle group air-defense.


The 051C hull is once piece, and has a good shape. There was no warp in my copy.

The bottom of the hull is marred with tooling marks, and mold lines. There is some slight discoloration from mold lubricant (smells like petroleum) around some of the marks; I'd recommend a thorough cleaning before construction.


The deck comes as a single piece, spanning the entire length of the hull. As most of the deck will be covered with superstructure, it is sparse of detail. The molded on chains don't look too bad though. The deck's fit is a bit lacking in the extreme bow and stern areas.


Sprue A has the bow sonar dome, some basic superstructure parts, and the funnel tops. There is some flash and tooling marks on these parts.


Sprue B has the shafts, rudders, props, stabilizers, ship's boats and some detailed sides for the superstructure. These sides don't have a lot of detail, but the real ships doesn't appear to have much either. The watertight doors are crisp and well formed.


This sprue has more superstructure parts, primarily focusing on the bridge and foremast areas. Also present here is the distinctive TOMBSTONE fire control radar for the S-300F missiles.

Trumpeter has not molded the bridge and windows in clear styrene in this kit, which should make many modelers happy. The bridge windows are well formed, inset, with fine brows around.


Sprue D has the parts needed to finish the bridge, and additional deck structures. The parts have generally good detail, but continue to suffer from tooling marks in the molds.


This sprue has many sensors and weapons systems on it. The S-300/RIF SAM rotary launchers, similar to the SA-N-20 systems installed on many Russian ships, look good, as well as the multi-piece YJ-83 launchers. The Type 730 CIWS' appear to be very nice, and the included photoetch barrel supports should complete the mounts nicely.


Sprue F completes the weapons for this kit, with the 100mm gun and CIWS parts being here, as well as various other details- sensors, anchors, life raft canisters.

These sprues show signs of a slight mold misalignment. Some parts are slightly out of shape, or exhibit some flash around the mold lines.

The standard display base is included with a name plate.

Photoetched barrel supports for the CIWS, lattice options for the masts, and safety netting for the helo deck make up this small fret of PE included with this kit. There are also 30 PE figures present, albeit these figures are oddly shaped.


Basic decals- hull numbers for the two members of the class, and markings for the helo deck.


A 12 page, 18 step instruction book is included.

Trumpeter's standard full color poster reference, showing the painting steps is included. This one not only has the standard Gunze Mr Color, but also Vallejo, Model Master, Tamiya and Humbrol paint references- although only Vallejo has all the appropriate colors.


Trumpeter's choice to model an indigenous design brings something a little different to the marketplace. The 051C Shenyang kit has an good level of detail, however the kit is marred by the consistent scratches and tool marks on many of the parts. Some sanding work and/or a good primer will be neccessary, particularly on some of the smooth, slab sided superstructure, to make a great looking model.

Thanks to Stevens International for the review sample. This kits should be available in your local hobby shops now. It is listed as #TSM-4529 PLAN 051C Shenyang DDG-115 with a retail price of $78.95 US. Stevens is the exclusive importer for Trumpeter kits in the US. If your hobby shop does not carry Trumpeter kits have them contact Stevens International or try their Hobby Shop Locator to find one that does.