Reviewed by Jim Baumann

This 1/700 scale  model is of the  British Hunt Class  Escort Destroyer used during World War II by the Polish Navy under the name of ORP "Krakoviak".

She was built at the Samuel White shipyard in Cowes UK, launched on 4th December 1940 as HMS Silverton and was the first Royal Navy warship to carry that name; that of a foxhunt in Devonshire. The ship was transferred to Poland along with sister ship HMS OAKLEY (ORP Ktyawiah) on 3rd April 1941 and was renamed ORP KRAKOWIAK. During the war she was intensively used; initially based at Plymouth from where she engaged with German light surface vessels and raiding the German occupied Lofoten islands.

Later transferred to Gibraltar, she partook in invasion convoys targeting Sicily as well as supporting the landings of Operation Husky. Until 1943 she was based at Alexandria and operated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. From 1944 Krakoviak was based back on the south coast of the UK  and took part in the preparations for the Normandy landings.

The kit and the paint schemes depict the vessel at this period. She engaged both enemy aircraft as well as targets ashore and led mine clearance operations.
During the last year of the war the ship participated in convoy operations and hunting German submarines and torpedo boats. 
Under the Polish Flag steamed 146,000 miles, engaged German surface  vessels in five battles, sank one  enemy vessel. She suffered and survived 24 air-raids and shot down 3 enemy aircraft.  She attacked German submarines on thirteen separate occasions as well as escorting 197 coastal and 9 Atlantic convoys.

Poland returned the ship to the Royal Navy on 28 September 1946. She was finally scrapped in 1959

This kit is the first offering by the Polish company  Modelbud; previously well- known for esoteric aircraft kits. It is a joint venture by  Modelbud, JB.Models EUMasterbarrels and   modelship magazine publisher MODELARSTWO OKRETOWE.

The kits consist of 103 resin parts, 116 photo-etched Pieces and 35 separate metal items. Because of the number of quite complex PE assemblies I would rate this kit for intermediate to advanced modellers, although some of the above mentioned PE structures could be simplified or substituted by less fastidious or experienced builders.

The hull features some fine detailing; external plating detail has been cast in fine relief. The deck is equally impressive, with neat gusseting around the fwd gunshield and plenty of surface detail.
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The superstructure parts are cast separately and feature a high level of detailing for their diminutive size, the bridge level having a raised grating and flag lockers cast in.
The 4 in gunshields are cast hollow and have separate breech and internal structure, as well as very fine 4in turned brass barrels (by Masterbarrels)
The ship carried a whaler and a motorboat, both of which have a number of tiny PE parts that will make these small craft shine as miniature models in their own right—as well as perhaps test the patience of some modellers….
A small decal sheet with hull numbers and flags completes this well packaged offering.
There are lengths of metal rod and wire enclosed from which to fabricate the masts and spars. A neat touch is some – what appears to be- plaited wire lengths to simulate the anchor cables.
The kit is completed by the aforementioned comprehensive high-quality PE fret, which feature some commendably fine handrails of the correct pattern.
The instructions take   the form of a large exploded diagram with the resin, metal and PE parts colour coded, as well as drawings of the more complex PE mulipart-sub assemblies. The camouflage scheme is well illustrated for both sides of the ship and is aligned Humbrol enamel paint numbers.
An interesting ship with an attractive camouflage scheme, this new player in the resin modelship-kit field has created a kit that needs only paint and adhesive to build from the box a very fine replica of this esoteric and plucky  member of the Polish navy of WW2;  albeit with some degree of skill required !