White Ensign Models Vosper MTB
The Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat was the English equivelant to the US PT Boat. This 73' Type II version first saw action in 1943 and was was produced until the end of the war.  These little ships were very useful in patroling the English Channel and other "Narrow Sea" areas. Armed with a 6 pounder on the main deck, a pair of Vickers machine guns, a pair of Oerlikons and a pair of torpedos, these manuverable little boats could outrun what they could not out fight.
This kit is another example of White Ensign's great casting and design. The hull is one peice with a small, easily removed gate at the stern. It is molded as a full hull version,  but can be converted to waterline with a little sanding. The deck detail is quite nice, with hatches and vents well molded. Other resin parts include the 6 pounder main gun and the torpedo assemblies and rafts. The photo etch fret includes most of the parts and they are well executed in brass. The Oerikon gun base is really nice, it is relief etched and has a 3D look to it. The Oerlikon gun assembly has a gun sight attached that really enhances it's appearance. Relief etched hatches covers, a detailed mast, and ships wheel help to give this kit a superdetailed appearance. click to enlarge
The instructions are pretty basic, they include plan and elevation views with notes showing where the parts are located. I would like to see some more visual explanation of the photo etch folding but there is not much to explain as this is a pretty simple kit. 
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This is a greaty little kit, everything you need except paint and glue is included to finish this kit. You can't go wrong with this kit, it would make a nice one evening project and will give you a good idea of what to expect from resin ship construction and photo etch parts. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Mike Hall of Kitlink.com for providing the review sample. They carry a full line of White Ensign kits and have convienient online ordering. 

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