White Ensign Models Vosper MTB
The Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat was the English equivalent to the US PT Boat. This 70' boat proved useful in patrolling the English Channel and other "Narrow Sea" areas. Armed with a twin .50, and a twin 303 machine gun and a pair of 21' torpedoes, these maneuverable little boats could outrun what they could not out fight.
The hull is one piece with a small, easily removed gate along the keel. It is molded as a full hull version, but can be converted to waterline with a little sanding. The deck detail is quite nice, with hatches and vents well molded. The only other resin parts are the two torpedoes and a raft. A relief etched photo etch fret provides the other details. The PE parts are really nice, the relief etching really brings out the detail. the Torpedo mount bracket is a really sharp example of the the sharp detailing. Machine guns and mast parts are all well formed. click to enlarge
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The instructions are pretty basic, they include plan and elevation views with notes showing where the parts are located. This is a pretty simple kit and the builder should have no problems interpreting these instructions.

This is a great little kit, a nice one evening project or a good first resin ship to try your hands on. Highly recommended.

Thanks to White Ensign Models for the review sample. Check out their entire 1/350 Narrow Seas line of kits on their website.

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