Reviewed November 2016
by Timothy Dike
TLAR Models is a new company offering some home grown subjects not available anywhere else. Chris the proprietor is an eccentric gentleman who likes to have fun with his hobby, this new kit, a Shrimpin Boat set is the result. Three typical somewhat generic 75 Shrimp boats are included with different bridge assemblies. 
The hulls are cast waterline style with a portion of the resin wafer still along the bottom edge. This should be easy to remove by flat sanding. The casting is not bad, but will need a little TLC. My samples had a few pin holes here and there from air bubbles that will need filling. Note, I am showing 3 hulls, but there are only 2 included in the kit. Click images
to enlarge
Three different deckhouses give each boat a unique appearance. There is a short and long deckhouses and a version with a stepped bridge. A large and small winch assembly and other small details are provided. 

A bonus 35 launch is nicely cast. Sadly, no water skier is provided.

Four lengths of brass rod and two lengths of photo etch ladder stock are included for the fine detailing. 
Instructions are several pages that describe the build in great detail. They are written with proper nautical terms in a light hearted style. Location of holes and cut lengths are included. Missing is a bill of materials identifying the parts and perhaps some exploded views of the assembly. 
All in all a pretty good first kit from someone who obviously is having fun in our hobby. These Shrimpin boats will be useful in dioramas or as the basis for your own 700 scale Bubba Gump Shrimpin fleet.  Buy a set and prepare to have a little fun yourself.

This is kit #615 1/700 Shrimpin Boat set for around $25. It is available via TLAR Models E-Bay store

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