Skytrex 1/700
USS Constitution

44 gun Constitution Class Frigate
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Constitution was one of the first United States Navy warships, it is the oldest USS Warship still in commission. This kit was really designed for the war gamer, but I have a soft spot for 1/700 scale ships and couldn't resist the opportunity to have a comparative display of yesterdays Frigate VS one of today's warships.
.This is cast metal kit, with photo etch sails and ratlines. The hull is one piece waterline casting with nice detailing for a 1/700 ship. This kit measures only about 3" in length so it is really quite small. This kit can be used to model any one of the Constitution Class Frigates, such as the President, or United States.
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The ships masts are well cast on separate trees. There are anchors and extra boats supplied as well. The ship can be shown underway or at anchor with cast metal furled sails. If you want to show her under way use the supplied photo etched sails. Ratlines are included on the photo etch fret.
The instructions are very extensive for a kit of this size. They include 7 pages of everything from basic assembly  to details on the rigging. Only the first page is shown Great job Skytrex