JAG 1/350 USS Ashville
The USS Ashville was a new gun boat designed for coastal operations in smaller countries. These 165' high speed boats featured a 3" 50 cal gun turret on the bow and a 40 mm gun on the stern. These compact fighting ships proved their usefulness operating of the coasts of South East Asia.

This kit by JAG has been around for a while, but seems to have escaped the attention of most modelers. It is one of the few 1/350 ships that they have done, and hopefully not the last.

The hull is cast with the superstructure as one piece. The casting is really nice, with no defects that I noticed. The splash shield on the bow is extremely thin but without a trace of those clumps of resin that form as the mold deteriorates. JAG continues to be the master of casting overhanging structures without tearing up the mold. Click images
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Surface detail is well defined and you will not need any aftermarket hatches or doors on this kit. Handrails and other piping details are cast on the surface. I would recommend applying a light wash to the finished model to really make these details stand out.
 The bridge windows really came out nice with the windows clearly recessed. This will make it really easy to fill these with black to simulate windows. 
The are only a few parts in this kit, making it an easy project. The main gun is well cast with the only flash at the base where you can easily remove it without losing any detail. A zodiac boat and life rafts are also included. 

Several plastic rods pieces are included to fabricate the mast.

A simple photo etch fret is included for the railings and other items such as life raft baskets. The railings are etched without the bottom gutter rail that most sets now include. This makes them a bit harder to attach, but not too difficult.
The instructions consist of a single sheet with an exploded view showing where all the parts go. I would have liked to see a good plan and elevation view to go along with these.

This is one of those kits that is a good first resin kit, but is also accurate enough to make a master craftsman happy. It is a unique subject that stands out in a crowd of New Jersey's and Big E's. The fine casting and attention to detail make this an easy project. This is kit #JAG 301 USS Asheville PG retailing for $40.00. Available direct from JAG or wherever fine ships are sold.

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