Flagship Models 1/192 USS Winslow TB-5

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
USS Winslow, a 142-ton torpedo boat, was built at Baltimore, Maryland, and commissioned in December 1897. During the Spanish-American War, she served off Cuba, and was damaged in action at Cardenas on 11 May 1898. Her post-war service included long periods in reserve, with occasional active duty along the U.S. Atlantic coast. In 1909, Winslow was a naval militia training ship. She decommissioned in July 1910 and was sold the following January.

Text from Naval Historical Center.

This new kit from Flagship moves us beyond the Civil War era into the turn of the century when warship development was in full swing. 

The hull on this new kit is cast in waterline style with a separate lower hull. Casting is good overall with a slightly coarse finish. There is a bit of flash at the waterline edge that will need some cleanup. The upper and lower hull appear to match up pretty well. But there will be some flat sanding needed to do to get a good fit. The top side detail is pretty good overall with locator holes for most of the parts and portholes cast into the conning tower. The skylights look good with nice window frame detail. 
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The lower hull is pretty simple with propeller shaft mounting points cast in place.
Lower Hull
There are only a few resin parts on this kit. They include the rudder and prop shaft mounting parts. 
The funnel, torpedo tubes and vents are among the metal cast parts. These are mostly very well cast, although they have a rough surface finish. Flash is very minimal and a light buffing will   improve the surface finish.
A new relief etch brass photo etch sheet is provided to supply the finer parts. These parts are really nice with extensive use of relief etching to bring out the details. Hatches, and doors are very well done. The anchor is designed to fold up into a really nice 3D part. These parts show that while Rusty is getting the hang of resin casting, he continues to get better and better at photo etching. 
A simple US flag decal is supplied in paper.
The Instructions two pages with assembly notes. These are pretty detailed and will be very helpful in building your kit.

This kit expands Flagships line of 1/192 kits into the next century and allows for this forerunner of the modern destroyer to be build with details that larger scale modelers can appreciate. It is listed for $60.00, available direct from Flagship Models via it's online ordering system. 

If you are new to mufti media kits then you might want to check out Flagship's line of How to CD's that will help you out in many topics from Building Resin Ships and Working with Photo Etch Parts to Making Realistic Water.

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