Reviewed by Timothy Dike

The SS American Scout was one of the American States Lines C-2 style transports. These cargo ships had and overall length of 459' and had five cargo holds. They were among the larger cargo ships of the era. The American Scout served well past World War Two before finally being beached and abandoned after a loading incident in 1969. 
The hull is cast in waterline style with details such as deck winches cast on. The overall shape looks pretty good and the cargo hatches are well done. There are some areas that will need some cleanup before assembly.  Click images
to enlarge
The superstructure parts are cast on a resin wafer. Detail is good, but the wafer itself is pretty thick and will need some extra flat sanding to free the parts and get the decks to the right thickness. 
The funnels and mast parts are cast on resin runner blocks. These parts are pretty well cast and are fairly well detailed. 
A Tom's Modelworks fret is included for the railings. Another fret has the girder work that ties the rear cargo booms together.  
The instructions are two pages and pretty basic. They should prove sufficient to assemble this ship.

This is kit #117 1/700 American Scout C-2 listed for $60.00 US. It would make a great wartime transport or postwar cargo ship. You can get yours from Pacific Front Hobbies & Free Time hobbies or it can be purchased direct from LCP West. Check the Loose Cannon page for details on this and other kits.