Academy 1/1000
RMS Titanic

Reviewed by Sean Hert
March 2016
The Titanic needs no introduction. This famous ship had a career that lasted on 5 days before her famous loss to a collision with an iceburg in 1912.

This 1/1000 kit from Academy is molded in their MCP (Multi Color Part) system. The colored sprues are to allow the kit to be built without painting. The kit is also designed to be assembled without tools or glue. The kit appears to be a scaled-down version of the earlier 1/700 kit released by Academy. 

The hull for Titanic comes in two parts, split along the waterline; an upper hull molded in black plastic, and a lower hull molded in anti-fouling red. The two hull halves are also packaged with a main deck/superstructure, which is molded in white. The three parts come pre-assembled, needing only a small application of pressure to "set" the parts in place. (The white deck will need to be removed to assemble the bow and stern decks) 
There are two small decks molded in white, one for each the bow stern with the rails molded on. These exist mainly to provide structure to for the railings, and will be mostly covered with the tan (wood) main decks.
This sprue of tan plastic has four the wooden decks for the fo'c'sle, poop deck, promenade and boat decks. Like all the parts in this kit, they snap into place with firm pressure.
The sprue of white plastic builds up into the deckhouses and other parts to complete the large white superstructure packaged with the hull. It also includes the ship's cranes and walkways.
Sprue C is molded in dark brown plastic, and has a few detail decks and the two masts for Titanic 
This small sprue, molded in yellow, has the four funnels for Titanic.
Sprue E is also a small sprue, but in dark red plastic. It has just two parts, the port and starboard prop shaft skegs.
Molded in black plastic, Sprue F is mainly focused on the display stand, but also includes solid ratlines and 2 funnel caps.
Sprue G is plated in gold-toned chrome, and has the three ships screws and two anchors present. 
The included markings are not decals nor dry transfers, but stickers.sticker sheet has the ship's name and homeport in white letters, a US flag, a Union Jack, and a White Star Line flag. 
A 8 page, full color instruction booklet is included, in a multi-fold, single-sheet format.

While this kit is marketed as a normal snap-together kit, not requiring glue, tools or paint- some skill with basic tools like a hobby knife will make assembly go easier. It's a great little kit, and a good size for quick evening build!

Thanks to MRC for the review sample. MSRP for this kit is around $21.95.