New from Loose Cannon Productions
1/700 Barges and Tugs
Loose Cannon has is proud to announce the release of  2 new kits: The long announced and awaited for 1/700 Barge Set.  
The kit ALSO includes two WWII era US 173' Sub Chasers and a large modern crane barge that I photographed at the Norfolk Container terminal in 1999. All the masters are by Hugh Leterly. 
The kit includes 1 each of a dredge, covered storage barge, open storage (gondola type) barge, power barge, machine shop barge, all based on photos from U.S. Navy WWII harbor photographs. 
A Photo etch sheet is included. Price is $39.00 plus shipping. For those who have ordered this kit from PAcific Front, I just shipped Bill his order for these Tuesday, so you should be seeing them soon.
Also new is a set of 2 Generic WWII era US Harbor Tugs. An 80' Diesel Tug and a 110' Steam tug. Price is $12.00 plus shipping.
These photo's were sent in by David Angelo of Loose Cannon Productions. We will take a closer look at these sets when I get my hands on them.