Ship kit review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Wyoming Monitor #10 (M-10) was the last of the four Arkansas class monitors. Arkansas (M-7), Nevada (M-8), and Florida (M-9) being the others. Intended to protect ports along the coast they were limited by their low freeboard to relatively calm seas. With her twin 12 inch breech loading rifles in a heavily armored turret she could deliver a punishing amount of fire and yet present only a small target for return fire. However advances in warship design had far out paced the Monitors and no more were built for the US Navy.

After fitting out at Mare Island, Wyoming spent her early career operating along the California coast. When Panama declared independence from Columbia, Wyoming and the protected cruiser Boston sailed up the Tuira River to land a company of Marines at Yariza.  She  anchored in the Bay of San Miguel and continued to support the Marines and helped to evacuate American Nationals to safety. When the war ended Wyoming departed for Mexico calling on the ports of Acapulco and Pichilinque, Mexico. She sailed for San Diego and operated along the western coast before returning to Panama in early 1905.  She returned home later that year and decommissioned. A few years later Wyoming was returned to service as an oil fired test ship and was renamed Cheyenne. She operated as a training ship and later was converted to a sub tender. She served in many training roles until finally being sold for scrap in 1939.

Imperial Hobby Productions has released this new 1/700 USS Arkansas Class Monitor as the Wyoming  as built in 1902. This apprentice series kit provides the base for building this kit, while the modeler will have to scratchbuild some items such as the mast.

Casting on this kit is nice with a distinctive bow and most of the superstructure cast in place. There is only a touch of flash around the bollards, but it is so thin it will be easy to clean up. The deck features nice wood planking and lots of surface details.  Click images
to enlarge
The upper deck also features nice wood deck planking. The upper deck fits onto the superstructure and will allow the decks below to be seen through the openings, a nice touch. The main gun turret appears to be the correct shape with prominent features. There are also some nicely shaped vent tubes and a funnel with a hollowed out end.
A single page is provided with plan and elevation views as well as an exploded assembly view. Not bad for a simple kit like this. You will have to consult your references for the final details. 

Yet another kit that few manufacturers wouldn't dare to produce. This kit is not for beginners but if you have tackled a few resin kits then you will have no problem with this one. It can be used to build any of the four Arkansas class monitors. This is kit #270014 USS Wyoming 1902 monitor for only $25.00. A nice price if you don't mind doing a little scratchbuilding.

Thanks to Imperial Hobby Productions for the review sample. Don't forget to  check their web site for a complete list of Ship kits in metal and resin.