Thouroughbred Figures 1/600 Scale USS Essex
Review by Ian Wilkins

 I have been unable to find any historical information on this ship. The only Essex of this period I could find in literature was a member of the Enterprise class of wooden screw sloops and I ordered the kit expecting a model of a typical 19th century sailing/steam vessel. What I got was a kit of a river warfare type ironclad which obviously had a central paddlewheel and extensive armour protection. Something is wrong somewhere and it is most likely that my sources are out. As I said above accurate ship details from this period can be hard to come by.

 Anyway, after I got over my initial surprise I had a critical look at the kit and it realy is quite good. The kit comprises only seven castings, one piece of brass wire and a Union ensign. The hull is beatifully done with masses of detail worked onto the armour plate. With so few components I'd say this kit could be built in about 25 minuites though careful painting to bring out all the detail might take days. A quick way to build up your collection? I also got this one from Pacific Front Hobbies