Flagship Models 1/192 Monitor

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Monitor was the United States Navy's answer to the CSS Virginia. Designed by John Ericsson, she was the first of the Monitors. She was commissioned on February 25th 1962 and shortly after sailed for Hampton Roads, Virginia. No sooner had she arrived then she was sent into action to go up against the Virginia which had sunk two US Navy ships trying to blockade the harbor. The attack ended in a stalemate with neither ship able to sink the other. But the presence of the Monitor prevented the South from breaking the blockade and their battle forever changed Naval combat for years to come. 

More about the Monitor can be read on the Dept. of the Navy -- Naval Historical Center website. But you can preserve your own piece of history with the 1/192 multimedia kit by Flagship Models.

The hull on this kit is cast as one piece with only a small casting gate on the bow to remove. The surface detail is very good, with the plate line boldly etched into the surface. Rivet detail is applied all around the hull. The underside also features nice casting detail. 
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Lower Hull
With such a simple ship design, there are very few other resin parts. A turret, the armored pilot house, and some chocks and bits. The turret is really cool with some nice rivet details all over the exterior. The interior has detailed floors to mount the main guns. The modeler will have to finish opening up the gun slots so the guns can protrude through. The bits and chocks have a bit of flash and will need some touch up.
Two canons, and their carriages are cast in white metal. The propeller and rudder look crude, but then this is the way they were on this ship. Again a little flash to clean up. There is also a length of real chain for the anchor, and brass and plastic rod to supply other parts.
A new relief etch brass photo etch sheet is provided to supply the finer parts. The turret top is etched with really nice open grate detailing. The relief etching allows you make out the supports under the grate. Boat davits, stantions, and canon parts make are also included on this fret.
A simple US flag decal is supplied in paper.
The Instructions two pages with assembly notes. These seem to cover all the bases and should be more than enough to complete your ironclad.

With the recent release of the CSS Virginia, it only seems natural to have the Monitor too. This new kit will prove a worthy adversary to the Confederate Ironclad. This is kit #FM19204 1/192 USS Monitor listed for $60.00, available direct from Flagship Models via it's online ordering system.

With such a simple shape the painting and weathering be what makes this kit standout. Not to worry, as Flagship has a line of How to CD's that will help you out in many topics from Building Resin Ships and Working with Photo Etch Parts to Making Realistic Water.

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