The USS Cairo was a City class ironclad river gunboat. This 512 ton monster only drew about 6 feet of water making her ideal for operations in the shallow rivers. At 175' by 51', there was plenty of room for a multitude of canons.

Cairo served with the Army's Western Gunboat Fleet, commanded by Flag Officer A. H. Foote, on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and their tributaries until transferred to the Navy 1 October 1862 with the other river gunboats. Active in the occupation of Clarksville, Tenn., 17 February 1862, and of Nashville, Tenn., 25 February, Cairo stood down the river 12 April escorting mortar boats to begin the lengthy operations against Fort Pillow, Tenn. An engagement with Confederate gunboats at Plum Point Bend on 11 May marked a series of blockading and bombardment activities which culminated in the abandonment of the Fort by its defenders on 4 June.

Two days later, 6 June 1862, Cairo joined in the triumph of seven Union ships and a tug over eight Confederate gunboats off Memphis, Tenn., an action in which five of the opposing gunboats were sunk or run ashore, two seriously damaged, and only one managed to escape. That night Union forces occupied the city. Cairo returned to patrol on the Mississippi until 21 November when she joined the Yazoo Expedition. On 12 December 1862, while clearing mines from the river preparatory to the attack on Haines Bluff, Miss., Cairo struck a torpedo and sank.

Today this historic vessel can be viewed at Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi. Raised from the mud largely intact, you can get an excellent idea of how this ship was constructed. This new kit by Rusty White of Flagship Models  is the first original effort in the resin market. It is shows that Rusty is learning the craft quickly, and we can expect many more great kits of these often overlooked ships soon.

Displacement 512 tons
Length 175 ft
Beam 51 ft 2 in
Draft 6 ft
Propulsion Steam engine driving a single paddle wheel
Speed 4 knots
Complement 251 officers and men
Armament 6 × 32 pounder cannons
3 × 8 in smoothbore cannons
4 × 42 pounder rifled cannons
1 × 12 pounder howitzer
The hull is cast in full hull style with only two small pouring gates on the stern. So there will be very little cleanup and preparation work on this kit. The surface detail is very well executed and the hatches and iron rail armor is well done.  The hexagonal pyramid pilot house is cast in place with other deck detailing such as the funnel bases. The lower hull is also detailed with a large recess for the paddle wheel. As much as I love waterline ships, this is one that I would have to do full hull as it would be a shame to cover up the detailed paddle wheel assembly.
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The Paddlewheel housing is constructed as one piece with cast on door, window, and rail armor detail. The latter is very convincing, and will stand out nicely with a bit of weathering. There are two stairways cast on both sides of the house. The part is cast on a resin wafer, that is a bit thick for my taste. This will take some time to flat sand to size.
Small parts include the cannon barrels, ships boats, and rudders. The cannon barrels will need a little attention as many of them have voids in the end that are caused by air bubbles being trapped in the resin mold during the casting process. These are fairly easy to fix by using a drop of super glue to fill the void. Just place a drop of glue in the hole, hit it with an accelerator (baking soda works well for me) and then sand when dry. The boats look a little weird at first, at least until you notice that they are designed for photo etch boat decks to be added to them. The decks will give the boats a more realistic appearance especially when you add the photo etch oars.. 
Cast metal anchors, and vents are provided. These are nicely cast with only a bit of flash. A length of anchor chain is provided, a nice touch. Plastic tubing and strips are provided to fabricate the funnel and other details. Brass rod is also provided for for those other details.
This kit gets it's own dedicated photo etch fret due to it's more complex construction with the paddle wheel. Handrail stations and boat davits are among the other details. Etched turnbuckles are a nice touch that will make your rigging look much more realistic.
A decal sheet with various Civil War era flags is included, with descriptions as to which time frame is appropriate for a particular ensign.
The instructions include plan and elevation views with notes on parts placement. The second page shows the various sub-assembly views in a 3 dimensional way. These are pretty detailed and give you plenty of information to build this kit.
You can follow along as Rusty White builds up his kit in the Picture Post section of the forum here.

Another nice Civil War era ship from Flagship. While there are some minor flaws, the kit is a step forward in my opinion. You can bet that there will be more Civil War era iron clads coming from Flagship in the future. This is kit #FM19227 1/192 USS Cairo with a retail price of $90.00 US. More than fair for a large multimedia kit like this. You can even buy it online at the Flagship website using a secure server powered by Paypal.