Reviewed by Timothy Dike
In this day and age your next model kit probably arrive in a shipping container. Intermodal transportation has really revolutionized the shipping world. Rather than load cargo into the hold of a ship, a crane pick the containers up off of trucks and trains and stacks them onto the deck of a ship. These containerships come in all sizes and shape from large ocean going versions to the smaller coastal ones that server smaller ports. This Loose Cannon kit represents the latter. This ship the Atlantic Jamaican is designed to serve ports with limited loading capabilities. A deck mounted straddle crane can stack the containers two high. A rear ramp give the ship a Roll On/Roll Off RoRo capability. This allows for trucks to drive right up onto the deck for loading and unloading. This ship can be built as the Atlantic Jamaican, Natal Hustler, or Vento Jamaican.
This is a fairly small kit and all the parts are cast on one resin wafer. You can cut them off the sheet and then sand the excess resin away. The hull is pretty well cast and it looks like the cleanup will be minimal. There is a large anchor handling winch on the bow, but the decks are pretty plain otherwise. Superstructure parts include the bridge with some rather pronounced bridge windows. The traveling crane is well done and looks like the typical container crane found in Intermodal yards or in this case the deck of the ship. Click images
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There are plenty of contains of the standard 40' size. These could use a bit of detailing as they are rather plain looking. Some of the other parts had some air bubbles that will need to be filled. 
Two pages of instructions are included. One with specs and tips. The other showing the assembly and give painting instructions. All parts are shown and while I would like to see a good plan and elevation view, these are good enough to build the ship.

The kit looks pretty simple an should make an interesting addition to your modern navy fleet. This is Kit #79 - Atlantic Jamaican - available for $25.00 US. A real bargain for a ship this size. It is available from Loose Cannon West or any of their dealers.