Reviewed by Timothy Dike February 2012

Battlefleet is back with a third new barge set. This one features two different types of floating cranes, with a third plain YF Barge. The first barge is a rotating style similar to those mounted dockside. The second is a fixed heavy lift style. 

This set is similar to the Alliance ModelWorks set, but Harry has substituted his own resin barges for those in the AMW set. 

The three barge hulls are similar in appearance, although one does have decking running the opposite way as the others. The decking is nicely inscribed and there are fenders cast fore and aft. A deckhouse and winch house are also included. The former has nicely cast square windows, vertical slat siding, nice overhanging roof panels as well as a covered stack.  Click images
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There are about 35 two post bollards nicely cast on a thin resin wafer that you can use on these barges or around the docks. Eighteen loads on pallets are also included. These are in a variety of styles and will give your diorama some character. 
Two frets of etched brass photo etch is included. These sets etched by Alliance ModelWorks feature relief etching, Both frets are protected by thin clear film that will help keep the parts from getting damaged. 

The first fret includes the two crane assemblies that are mated together to produce a single heavy duty crane. The detail is very nice and the assembly looks pretty straightforward. Rigging, railing, and lots of details are included. 

The second fret is the rotating crane assembly and base. Also very detailed and a well engineered assembly that looks a bit intimidating at first. But should produce a really nice product. 
The instructions are five pages, three from Battlefleet and two from the Alliance ModelWorks photo etch. These should be all you need to build these crane-barges. 
Another unique subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. This one will add some life to those dockyard scenes and give an extra level of realism to your shipyard. 

This is #BFM-733 Barge Set III with 2 PE Cranes & 1-YF for $30.00. A good price for this detailed set.