Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Some of the unsung hero's of the attack on Pearl Harbor were the small craft that came to the aid of the damaged battleline. Risking their own lives, these ships helped rescue sailors and fight fires on the burning ships. This was not their intended purpose, as they were designed for the menial task of carrying waste from the base out to sea and dumping it. But during the attack, every ship was needed and tugs and lighters responded even as the fight was still going on. Building a Pearl Harbor diorama has always been one of my desires, and this little ship makes that a possibility. You can read more at the Naval Historical Center Pearl Harbor page

This new kit by Battlefleet represents the either YG-17 or YG-21 and probably others as most were of the same basic design.

The hull on this kit is well cast and features some really sharp detailing for such a simple ship. There is a nice deck winch on the bow, and port holes are cleanly cast. The porthole pattern matches YG-21 so you will have to drill a couple more on the port side according to the photos. The discharge doors on the sides look pretty good, but could use some hinges. You can make those from scraps of railings left over from the included brass fret.  Click images
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The superstructure parts are well cast. Cleanup of these parts should be pretty straightforward as they are very simple.
Small parts are nice, especially the searchlight. Anchors and vents are well defined. The boat is canvas covered.
The photo etch fret is supplied for the railings. Brass rod for the mast is also included.
The instructions are four pages with some prototype views of the real ship as well as stats. The drawings are pretty good and improved over earlier kits.
Another unique subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. This one will allow you to do a more extensive diorama of Pearl Harbor. This kit is #718  YG-21  GARBAGE LIGHTER retailing for $12.00  and is available from Pacific Front Hobbies