Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This new kit from Battlefleet represents a generic North Sea fishing trawler. Harold Abbot has dubber her the Livia and she represents the typical Fishing Trawler found all over the North Atlantic and other fishing grounds. To satisfy the warship enthusiast and armed version is also offered that could represent one of many WW2 trawlers that roamed around the British Isles. 

Since most of the parts are common to both versions of the kit, I am covering both in this review. 

The hull is typical of Battlefleet kits with clean sharp casting in waterline style. It features raised strakes along the hull and really sharp deck planking. There are a couple of winches cast on that are really nice and cargo hold casting. Portholes are cast open and I couldn't find any flash, or defects on my sample.  Click images
to enlarge
The navigation bridge and upper deck are also well cast. The deck has the same nice deck planking and a cable reel is cast on the deck. Window frames are bold raised surfaces that help make them stand out. There are two types of funnels, a tall one for early ships and a short one for more modern ones. 
Three different ships boats are included with canvas tarps covering them. Three different types of life rafts are also included. There are also anchors, searchlights, and a set of bollards. Casting is good on these parts with some light flash to trim off. 
The armed version includes all of the basic parts shown above and two 3"/50 cal gun mounts. Only one is needed but a spare is included just in case. A turned brass barrel from BMK is included to give the gun a more realistic appearance.  A couple of platforms with simulated diamond plate tread are included to mount the main gun. 
A couple of 20 mm gun mounts are provided and two types of base plates. One is diamond plate and the other is a radial pattern typical of these mounts. 
The brass photo etch fret is supplied for the 2 bar railings. There are also two lengths of .020 brass rod to make the masts. 
The instructions are four pages with notes and photos of the assembled ship. I like the way the railing locations are shown, but there is no exploded or plan and profile views to aid the modeler in construction. However this is a pretty simple kit and since it is generic and it's not hard to figure out where everything goes.

Kit# BFM721 North Seas Trawler "Livia" unarmed version.

Kit# BFM721a Armed Fishing Trawler

Another great kit from Battlefleet. This little kit would make a great first resin kit. It is simple yet very detailed. Since it is well cast, the modeler will not have to spend a lot of time cleaning up the parts before use. It provides a good base for a superdetailed trawler, or as a part of a harbor or sea diorama. The possibilities are endless. 

These are kits #BFM-721 North Sea Trawler  "Livia" for $22.00 and kit #BFM-721A Armed Fishing Trawler for $28.00. Nice prices for nice kits. You can get yours from direct from Battlefleet Models or one of their distributors.