JAG 1/700 USS Cimarron AO-177
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The latest kit to come out of the JAG Collective shipyard is this Cimarron Class AO. A monster of a kit big enough to refuel your supercarriers. Peter Van Buren previously reviewed this kit here. Based on that review, you should already have one of these on order. But if not, then I took a whole bunch of photos to show you what's in the box, oops, I mean tube.
A waterline kit with fantastic casting. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so sit back and click away on the equivalent of 68,000 words below. 
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When I first removed this kit from the tube, this upper deck was fit into the lower hull. It fit so well, that I at first thought it was cast that way. Again the pictures speak volumes. 
The superstructure is cast with a hollowed out and fits perfectly on the deck. The casting is well, just take a look for yourself. Even the little deck piece rivals the flatness of styrene sheet.
The 40' containers are really cool. Hopefully these can be made available separately as they are a common site around ship bases everywhere. You can even see the ribbing on the sides.
The other parts are cast on resin runner. The ships boat looks nice too.
White metal is used for the refueling booms, and deck winches. Many of these parts have little metal strings attacked. Don't be alarmed these are simple to remove. The deck winches are very nicely detailed. A couple of forklift trucks are also included. 
The kit includes a nice relief etch photo etch fret with the other details. The rigging, rails, ladders, and other details are nicely etched.
Hull numbers for the Cimarron and other class members, Battle E's, and salad bars are all included on this nicely registered colorful sheet. 
Instructions are two B sided sheets with color done in the usual JAG detailed style. 
If you wonder how this kit can look when finished, see Peter Van Buren's buildup.
What are you waiting for? This kit is made to the usual high standard of quality that we have come to expect from JAG. This is kit #JAG 013 USS Cimarron with a list price of $115.00. Steep to some, but worth every penny to those who value highly detailed kits that they don't have to spend hours sanding, filling and fixing. Check out the other kits that JAG has to offer on their website.

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