Building the USS Oyster Bay AGP-6 PT Boat
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Over All Finish and Weathering
To my eye, the reference photos of the USS Oyster Bay show a lighter shade of gray than 5-N Haze Gray / Navy Blue.  Even though 5-N is the correct color according to the painting schedule in the micro film drawings from the NARA, I felt that it was too, dark after trying a test with 5-N.

I used Model Master Acrylic Neutral Gray for the hull and vertical surfaces.  I used “The Detailer” Black Wash to highlight the details throughout the model and this lent a bit of darkening to the Neutral Gray paint.  I weathered the hull and vertical surfaces with a dry brush effect with Model Master Acrylic Leather. 

The planking and strakes on the hull were simulated by masking off the lines and drawing them with a mechanical pencil.

The decks were painted using Model Master Acrylic Gunship Gray and weathered with a wash of Model Master Acrylic Leather and a dusting of black pastel chalk.

Completed Model
After Market Accessories
5”/38 cal Gun Turret – Corsair Armada
5”/38 cal Open Mount – L’Arsenal 
Dual 40mm Bofors - L’Arsenal
Single 20mm Guns - L’Arsenal
SA Radar - L’Arsenal
Safety Net Railings - L’Arsenal
1/350 Figures - L’Arsenal
Gas Cylinder Bottles - L’Arsenal
Sky Lookouts – L’Arsenal
Fire Hoses and Life Rings – Gold Medal Models
Watertight Doors and Hatches – Gold Medal Models and L’Arsenal
Mk51 Gun Directors – Yankee Modelworks
Search Lights – Yankee Modelworks
Signal Lights – Veteran Models
Pelorous and Binnacle – Paper Lab
Deck Hatches – Paper Lab
Life Rafts – Voyager Models
Capstans and Winches – Battlefleet Models
Bitts and Chocks – Paper Lab and Dragon Models
Mushroom Vents – Dragon Models
5” Practice Loader – Dragon Models
Signal Flag Bags - Dragon Models
Ship’s Bell – BMK
Floater Nets and Baskets - L’Arsenal
Cable Reels - L’Arsenal and White Ensign Models
Inclined Ladders –  Iron Shipwrights
Vertical Ladders – L’Arsenal
Accommodation Ladders -  Gold Medal Models
Special Thanks
Bruce Ross
Tony Bunch
Bill Robertson
Margaret Sunderman
PT Boats Inc. and its members.
Iron Shipwrights, Inc. and its members.

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