Repair Ship
Mike Czibovic is one of the resin ship kit pioneers. His company Corsair Armada has produced some of the finest resin kits of their era. Many of them still compare admirably even to some of the state of the art resin kits now on the market. While his kits have remained available at places like Pacific Front, we have not seen much out of him lately. Well surprise! He has been slaving away on his latest kit and it looks like another winner. Here's a sneak peak at the parts and the assembled kit.
This new kit is  the USS Medusa AR-1, a repair ship designed to operate in forward bases and help with emergency repairs. The kit will represent her as she was in December 1941. Medusa was there on that fateful day and managed to do some fighting before helping to repair ships in the aftermath of the attack. Her gunners took one Japanese midget sub under attack and claimed 2 dive bombers shot down. A 1943 version is possible  if this kit sells well. 

Since this is a preview from the manufacturer, I can't comment specifically on the quality of the casting and the fineness of the parts. But I have to say that Corsair Armada makes some of my favorite kits and is known for their quality. 

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 I will follow up later with an in-box review, but for now let's let Mikes pictures of his assembled ship do the talking.
  The kit will not include brass photo etch to help keep the costs down. You will be able to buy this kit at Pacific Front Hobbies. Price to be determined. Get your orders in now before this kit sells out.