Orange Hobby Blue Series
1/700 USS Comstock LSD-45

Reviewed December 2014
by Timothy Dike
The Comstock is a Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship commissioned on February 3, 1990. Home ported at NS San Diego Comstock is assigned to Expeditionary Strike Group 3. Comstock is designed to transport a US Marines and their equipment to hot spots around the globe. She can carry   4 LCAC or 21 LCM-6 (on deck: 1 LCM-6, 2 LCPL and 1 LCVP). Comstock doesn't carry any aircraft but has a flight deck large enough to operate most any VTOL or Helo. More info can be found here.

This new kit from Orange Hobby in the Blue Series can be built to represent her in her current fit. 

 The hull is hollow cast waterline style hollowed out with most of her superstructure in place. Detail is very sharp and casting is among the best I have seen. The well deck has some interior detailing and an insert to make up the floor. Click images
to enlarge
 The other superstructure parts are cast on resin sprues with protective gates to help prevent damage. The parts have very sharp detailing and the casing is very nice. The ships boats, miscellaneous radoms, cranes, and well door are among the parts shown here.
Anchors, RHIB's, boat davits, and  multitude of fine details are included here. As you can see from the pictures, the level of detail is very good especially considering the small size. 
 CNC machined radoms are included in brass along with some resin ones. 
Two nicely detailed MV-22 Osprey, two CH-46 helos. The Osprey have several parts and can be displayed with wings stowed or deployed. The CH-46 have separate winglets and are very detailed.
A nicely detailed LCM and two AAVP7's are included to get your Marines ashore. The LCM is almost a kit in itself with it's own PE set included. Nice to see such a highly detailed modern landing craft included in this kit. The AAVP7's are nicely done as well with separate sides and turret. It also has it's own PE shown below. 
The photo etch provided in this kit is very extensive and includes everything you could possibly need. All are protected with a plastic shield to prevent damage in shipping. Many of the frets use relief etching to enhance the 3D effect.
The first fret includes custom length railings matched to the kit. Safety netting and ladders, and framework.
More railings, open doors, crane rigging, and platforms and other details are included here.
Towers, and mast parts are among the parts on this brass fret. 
This fret is for the LCM and includes railings and details. 
Rotors and doors for the CH-46 are included on these two frets. 
These parts are for the AAVP7 and include rear door and front plate.
A sharply rendered decal sheet with markings for the flight deck, warning circles, and of course hull numbers and flags.
The instructions are fourteen pages showing the parts in exploded views with plenty of subassembly views. Well drawn and very thorough, they seem to cover all bases.

Another stunning release from Orange Hobby in their Blue Series. This kit is one of the most detailed and well engineered kits I have seen. It is a must have for your modern US Navy fleet. Retail price should be around $75-80.00 US. However Freetime Hobbies has it in stock for $69.95.

Check the Orange Hobby website for this and other new kits.