Landing Craft, Tank LCT (6)

Black Cat Models, 1/350th Scale, Resin

Reviewed by Devin Poore, July 2019

The LCT(6) (Landing Craft, Tank, Mark VI), was a follow-on to the earlier versions, Marks I-V. Originally a British design, with the LCT(5), the United States became involved with the design and construction, an arrangement that continued on with the LCT(6). 965 Mark 6s were built during '43 and '44. Larger than the previous Mark 5 versions, the Mark 6 added the benefit of both bow and stern doors. This greatly simplified loading and unloading of vehicles, reducing the amount of time it took to put vehicles and supplies on a beachhead. LCT(6)s were used in the European theater from the invasion of Normandy and onward, and in the later Pacific Theater amphibious operations.

Black Cat Models has released two versions of the LCT: the Mark 5, covered in a previous review, and the Mark 6, reviewed here. The kits are multi-media, with resin cast hull, tanks and treads, and smaller parts done as 3D printed resin, photo etched brass, and turned-brass. A sheet of decals and comprehensive instructions are also included.

The hull is a single piece casting, with two small pour stubs on the flat bottom that will sand away easily. Gunwales and gun tubs are thinly cast with no defects. Details such as deck tie downs and vertical hull reinforcements are crisp and well rendered. The only defects at all are a half-dozen micro pin holes on the very bottom of the flat hull, and a slight mismatch of what appears to be a mold tear on one side of the bow. All are easily filled and sanded, as they are on flat surfaces away from details. Besides being just slightly larger than the LCT(5), the (6) has a lot more detail cast into the hull, such as the structures aft, the more detailed bow, and the reinforced hull sides. It's all extremely sharp and free of blemishes.

Several print and web sources state the length of the LCT(6) at 119 feet. That converts down to 4.08" in 1/350th scale, which is exactly what the hull measures.

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Besides the hull, several other pieces in the kit are cast resin. These include two structures for the superstructure, a winch, two boats, and the bow ramp. Like the hull, these are well detailed and sharply cast. 

The remainder of the cast resin pieces are for the M4 Sherman tanks, and the M7 Priest mobile howitzers, exactly like with the LCT(5) kit, so this is a copy-and-paste from that review: There are 4 Priest hulls and 2 Sherman hulls. Each comes with two sets of treads for each hull, which are slightly different between the two chassis, so take care to match up the right ones (the instructions point them out). All of these small pieces are on easily-removed casting blocks, and are as finely detailed as the ship's parts.

The remainder of the kit's resin are made up of 3D printed parts. These are extremely fine, and like those in the LCT(5) review, have to be seen to be believed. The pieces are mounted on two small casting blocks for the Sherman and Priest guns, with all of the ship parts on an single casting block. The print supports are very thin, so it shouldn't be an issue to get a blade in there to cut them free. Detail parts such as boat davits, propellers and prop guards, smoke generators, chocks, and everything else needed, are in this set of parts.
A single sheet of brass contains the ship's railing and a couple of ladders. This appears to be a common fret between the LCT(5) and (6) kits, and contains the usual railings, vents, doors, and a gantry. 

A small bag marked Master contains two turned brass pieces: a flagstaff, and what appears to be a radio aerial.

Instructions are on 12 pages, front and back, small format. The cover has a brief history of the ship , and a duplicate of the box cover art. The following two pages have an inventory of the kit's parts, color coded to denote if they are cast resin, printed resin, or brass, and denote the number of each included. Assembly steps are covered on 5 pages. There are no written instruction, but color-coded CAD perspective drawings, that show the placement of all the pieces. The final 5 pages of the instructions give plan and profile drawings of ship and armor with color recommendations and decal placement. Two schemes are shown for the LCT(6), one a revised Measure 14, and the other a camouflaged green measure 31/20L.

Decals are provided on one small sheet. US codes and hull numbers are provided for the ship, as well as small white stars for the armor. NOTE: I didn't include a photo of the decals, as they're exactly the same as in the LCT(5) review, and I wanted to maintain my photo symmetry here.

Black Cat Models has released another unique subject, and done an amazing job with it. The resin cast parts are very high quality, and the 3D printed resin accessories are the best I have ever seen. Barring any unforeseen issues, this model should build quickly and easily, and look fantastic when complete. I also want to thank Black Cat Models for making sure that the delicate 3D printed pieces are well protected, double-sided-taped into a plastic blister pack, so that they don't slide around during shipping. 

Highly recommended.

Thank you to Black Cat Models for the review sample.