Reviewed by Timothy Dike
December 2013
The Landing Craft Mechanized or LCM was designed to unload mechanized vehicles from jeeps and trucks to tanks on the beach. The came into use during world war two and remained relatively unchanged until the Viet Nam war era. These LCM-8's have been used all over the globe right up to the present day. 
Carl Musselman has been known to create a lot of interesting dioramas lately. This is a benefit for modelers because Carl has been sharing his creating through his business venture Back Aft Models. His latest is this 1/700 scale LCM-8 sets. This set includes one each of the five versions;
  1. Waterline Low Draft version for heavy loads
  2. Waterline High Draft version for empty or light loads
  3. Beached version with bow slightly elevated
  4. Full Hull version for mounting onboard ships
  5. Enclosed Liberty Launch/Ferry version
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They are fully cast with separate bow ramps for the first four. You can attach the ramp raised or lowered.
The casting is clean with sharp features and next to no flash. Some build up example are shown below:
Instructions is one page showing how the ramp is applied. 

There are plenty of WW2 Landing craft out there, but until now not many options for modern ones. These are well done and handy for you modern amphibs. Just what you need for your modern Amphibious fleet.

This is item #LCM001 1/700 USN LCM-8 - Set of 5 (One of Each Variant) for $8.00. You can also buy this by set or mix and match them direct from Carl on the Back-Aft Models website