HP Models 1/700
US Navy LCT  (6) Landing Craft

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The LCT or Landing Craft Tank was specifically designed to carry the heavy equipment ashore. These ships featured a shallow draft and they could land any of the tanks in the US arsenal directly on the beach with their bow ramp. HP-Models has added another 
The hull is cast on a thin resin wafer in the waterline style. The casting is pretty good and the floor detail stands out nicely. The gun tubs are nicely done and overall the detail is good. 
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Three 20 mm guns are included to defend your LCT, you only need two the third is an extra. These appear to be copies of the old Skywave plastic guns. I would have liked to see a separate bow door so you could display the ship loading and unloading.
The instructions consist of a plan and elevation view showing the layout of the ship. An exploded view also shows the gun placement. These are fine for this kit as there is nothing else to add except paint.

A nice little addition to your amphibious fleet. This is item #WLUS061 US Navy Landing Craft LCT-6 listed for $12.00 a fair price for a resin kit of this size. Pacific Front carries a huge line of HP-Models kits in stock, check them out.

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