HP Models 1/700
US Navy LCM Landing Craft

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The LCM (3) was a larger landing craft designed to be able to bring heavy equipment ashore. They could hold large trucks or medium sized tanks. They could also haul a sizable amount of troops. Several of these would typically be stowed on amphibious transports or larger landing craft. These boats could also be found around the harbor performing all kinds of duties from hauling cargo to moving soldiers and sailors to and from their ships.
There are 16 landing craft all cast on a thin resin wafer. The casting is pretty good with deck detail on the bottom. The bow doors are a bit simplistic, but typical for a boat this small. There are no weapons included so you will have to supply your own machine guns. 
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A nice little accessory to add to the decks of your Amphibious transports. They also make a great little diorama accessory. This accessory is listed as #WLUS063 US Navy Landing Craft LSM-3 for $14.00 on Pacific Fronts new website. Not a bad price for a boat-load of boats.

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