NIKO 1/700 USS Liddle APD-60

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Liddle began life as a Buckley class destroyer escort. She was converted to a high speed transport in July 1944. Her first action was at Leyte in the Philippines. She would operate in that area for the remainder of the war. The Liddle represents just one of these ships, there were over 40 others in her class. These ships were half destroyer escort and half transport. They retained their forward armament thus making them perfect escorts for other transport. They could offer fire support  while they landed troops. 

Niko has captured the detail of this little Liddle perfectly in a well cast highly detailed kit. 

The hull is very well cast and has some of the best detailing you will find in 1/700 resin. The gun tubs and surface detailing is all well rendered and there is very little to clean up. 
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 The bridge, like the hull is very well cast. The open bridge even has steering gear detailing that is really amazing. The funnel is nicely shaped and appears to closely match the plans I have of this class.
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The 5" gun turret has a very nice shape. Landing craft are included and have lots of detail. Life rafts, searchlights, and other small resin parts are well done.
A relief etch brass photo etch fret is included to add the fine details. The fret includes the mast, boat davits, 20 mm and 40 mm gun parts, and lots of finely etched details. Also included is a nice mast with ladders and antenna gear on the yardarms. The boat handing gear is another nice touch for this fret.
The instructions are three pages with several views showing the ship. The third page shows the camouflage markings.


A highly detailed and accurate kit of the USS Liddle. Almost everything you needed is included. This kit was listed in Pacific Front Hobbies site for $40.00 a nice price for a highly detailed kit like this with photoetch. They carry the entire Niko line of ships and many more hard to find, high quality kits.