Gallery Models 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-1
Landing Craft

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Wasp class LHD can carry 2 types of landing craft; conventional boat style Landing Craft, Utility (LCU) or an assault hovercraft, Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC). This kit includes 2 of each, althought the Wasp class is capable of carrying up to 3 LCACs. The appropriate type of landing craft is carried depending on the challenges expected Wasp and her Marines will face on any given mission.

LCU x2

LCU is made of 2 joined sprues, WD1 and WD2. This LCU kit is pretty complete, and makes for an interesting little model all on its own. I like the little danforth style anchors and deck tie downs, but think the stubby .50 BMG's should have been left off. The Kort Nozzles are molded solid, but I don't see any other way to have done them.


Each LCAC model is made of 3 sprues, WB1, WB2 and WC. These are also impressive little kits, and look to be well detailed. The deckhouses in particular carry an impressive amount of detail. Like some of the larger scale versions availble, these also only have an inflated skirt option, but unlike those, the skirt on this model is molded in hard styrene.




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