Gallery Models 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-1
USMC Assault Vehicles

Reviewed by Sean Hert
USMC Assault Vehicles

The primary purpose of an amphibious assault carrier is to get Marines ashore to break things. And nothing breaks things like Marines in tanks. So, Gallery Models thoughtfully included a number of different ground vehicles of the different types Marines would use to help them accomplish their various missions, like breaking things. And sometimes helping people too.

Included are:

  • 2 M60A3 Patton Tanks
  • 2 M1A1 Abrams Tanks
  • 2 AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicles
  • 2 MTVR (listed as "MVTR") Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (Truck)
  • 2 M1114 HMMWV or "Humvee" Up-Armored Armament Carrier
  • 2 M1097 HMMWV Heavy
  • 2 LAV-25
  • 2 M198 Towed 155mm Howitzer

These vehicles are spread across 2 multi-part sprues, with 2 of each sprue included.

Vehicles 1 x2

This sprue is comprised of 4 joined sprues; WE, WF, WG, WH. Each sub-sprue has an entire vehicle on it, those 4 vehicles being the M60A3 (WE), AAV-7 (WF), M1A1 (WG), and the MTVR heavy truck (WH). All the vehicles dimensions appear correct.

The M60A3 has five parts; a two piece hull, left and right tread assemblies, and a turret. The bottom half of the hull has the appropriate rounded "boat" shape, distinctive of the Patton tank. The turret looks slightly misshapen, but it is tough in 1/350 to really tell. The bigger factor seems to be the USMC was never issued M60A3's. They had M60A1 with upgrade packages during Desert Storm, but no -A3's.

The AAV-7 also has five parts; a two piece hull, right and left treads and the small turret. The main hull really captures the unique shape of the AAV, and the turret has both the M2 .50 machine gun and the MK19 grenade launcher. I would have liked to see a version with the Enhanced Applique Armor Kit (EAAK), or at least the mounting bolts, molded on the hull.

The M1A1 has six parts; a three piece hull, right and left tread assemblies and a single piece turret. In addition to an upper and lower hull, there is also a rear piece with the cooling vents for the Abrams' turbine powerpack and the brake light/turn signals.

The MTVR has four parts; the main truck body with cab, a right and left wheel assembly, and a part with the exhaust stacks for placement behind the cab. There are no windows molded on the door, nor is there a windshield.

Vehicles 1
Vehicles 2 x2

This sprue is comprised of 4 joined sprues; WM, WJ, WK, WL. Each sub-sprue has an entire vehicle on it, those 4 the M198 Howitzer (WM), LAV-25 (WJ), M1114 HMMWV (WK), and the M1097 HMMWV truck (WL).

The three piece M198 has some very fine details molded on, and looks fantastic.

The five piece LAV-25 consists of an upper and lower hull, right and left wheel assemblies, and a turret. All the pieces have some good detail. Specs seem right on.

Both HMMWV's have 4 part; chassis, undercarriage and right and left wheel assemblies. Both Humvee's have the same slight issue as the MTVR, in that there are no door windows or windshields on any of them. They are also pretty plain on the back, but the front of the M1114 has some good detail. Both HMMWV's measure a bit short in length.

Vehicles 2

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