Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Guppy Class Submarines were former World War Two fleet boars such as the Gato Class Submarines. The Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program, or Guppy for short, was a way to upgrade older subs to give them better underwater performance and ASW capabilities. These subs provided an economical alternative to hold the line in the post war years until more modern submarines could be built to replace them. Many were then transferred to the navies of other countries allied with the US. When Italy joined NATO, two of these subs, the SS-220 Barb, and SS-247 Dace, were transferred to them. They became the  ITNS Enrico Tazzoli S-511, and the ITNS Leonardo da Vinci S-510 of the Italian Navy. These subs help patrol the Mediterranean until Italy was able to produce it's own more modern subs. They served well into the 60's.
This new kit from Regia Marina is of a subject you don't see every day. The kit represents the Italian Guppy class submarines Da Vinci or Tazzoli. The kit is full hull and nicely cast. Detail is pretty good for such a small kit as this. 
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I compared this sub to some of the Guppy's that Mario Grima has done and find that it closely matches the Guppy I modifications that were applied to the Gato class. There are some small casting gates along the bottom of the hull, but otherwise flash is kept to a minimum. 
Since the hull and sail are all cast together there are only a few details to add. Tail planes, prop guards, props, and snorkels. These too are nicely cast with barely any flash.
 A display base is included for full hull display.
The instructions are two pages with drawings and history and specs in Italian. The illustrations should provide enough information to build this sub. But I would like to see some more detail.
Manufactures buildups of  Tazzoli S-511, and the Da Vinci S-510
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This is a nice kit of a rarely seen Submarine. I'm glad to see it produced in 1/700 scale. This kit can be used to build the Italian or even American Guppy subs. It retails for 16.00 EUR or about just over 19.00 USD at the current exchange rate, making it a bargain. Regia Marina kits are available at Pacific Front Hobbies in the US.