Regia Marina 1/700 Cigala Fulgosi Comandanti Class Offshore Patrol
Reviewed March 2017
by Ayala Botto
Regia Marina M.A.S. Models released recently a retool of the Cigala Fulgosi OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) of the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) at 1/700 scale (Ref. RM-022). This kit was released for the first time back in 2003.

This class is also known by "Comandanti Class" and the Italian nomenclature for this class is N.U.M.C. (Nuova Unità Minore Combattente), although sometimes is also designated by "Corvette".

The new model:
The PE set as well as the Decal sheet set have been upgraded and new resin parts are now available in order to provide options for all versions of this ships, depending on the time frame.
The resin parts included are:
  • 76/62 mm Compact “standard” gun (used among many other ships by the Brandenburg Type 215 class Frigates or the Sachsen Type 219 class Frigates)
  • 76/62 mm SR (the same version used by the Italian Orizzonte Class Destroyers, the French FREMM Frigates or the French Forbin Class Detroyers)
  • 76/62 mm Davide/Strales (the same version used by the Italian FREMM Class Frigates)
  • 25mm Oto Melara KBA remote weapon systems (the same gun used on the Italian FREMM Class Frigates)
  • SatCom domes;
  • RHIB’s;
  • FCS (Fire Control System) and Radars;
  • Life Canisters.
  • AB212 ASW Helicopter
The upgraded PE set includes:
  • Rails and Safety nets for the heli pad;
  • Mast details and Yardarms ;
  • Life buoys;
  • Vertical Ladders;
  • AB212 ASW Helicopter details (main and tail rotor blades, tail stabilizers, skids);
  • 20mm Oerlikon guns with shields;
  • Telescopic Helicopter Hangar allowing multiple configurations;
  • RHIB bay doors;
  • Cranes for the RHIB’s;
  • Anchors.
As for the decal sheet: Pennant Numbers (hull + stern + helipad) for all ships of this class, namely:
  • P490 - Cigala Fulgos
  • P491 - Borsini
  • P492 - Bettica
  • P493 – Foscari
  • Helipad markings
  • Red warning markings for the decks
  • All markings for the AB212 ASW Helicopter.
Take in consideration that every single decal must be separated from the decal sheet before submerged in water and applied to the model.
The Instruction Sheet: Check attached photos. RM-022CigalaFulgosi-01a
RM-022CigalaFulgosi-02a RM-022CigalaFulgosi-03a
FoscariP493-02 FoscariP493-03 FoscariP493-04 FoscariP493-05
FoscariP493-06 FoscariP493-07 FoscariP493-08 FoscariP493-09
FoscariP493-10 FoscariP493-11 FoscariP493-12 FoscariP493-13

This kit is cast as a single piece waterline resin hull with nice moulded details. Some areas of the hull have very small holes (due to air bubbles from the casting process), but nothing serious. PE parts 7 and 8 are the most tricky to apply, but yet nothing really complex.

As additional modifications and/or improvements over the original model, I used stainless steel piano wire (Gauge 0,12 mm) from my grand piano for the antennas and the OTO Melara 76mm/62 Cal SR Gun from BigBlueBoy (ref. 75025) that includes a brass gun barrel. 

Although it required about 30 hours to complete this model, it's a very straight forward building and a must have kit for the fans of modern warships at 1/700 scale.

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