Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Mirabello class consisted of three ships, the Carlo Mirabello, Carlo Alberto Racchia, and Augusto Riboty. Built during the first world war as destroyer leaders, they were modernized and reclassified as destroyers during the inter war years. The Racchia was lost in 1920 in a mine accident. The Mirabello and Riboty served as part of the 6th Destroyer Squadron in the Mediterranean during the second world war. The Mirabello was engaged in supply operations when she ran into a mine field laid by the HMS Abdiel off Akra Dhoukaton near Greece and was sunk. The Riboty survived the war and was scrapped in 1951.
Length 103.75 m
Width  9.74 m
Draft 3.6 m
Displacement 1820 tons normal load
2040 tons full load
Speed  34 knots Mx
Range 2800 miles @ 12 knots
Engines 4 Yarrow boilers, 2 Parsons geared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power 44000 HP 
Armament 8 x 4" single guns 
2 x 3" AA guns
4 x 18" torpedo tubes
100 mines 
Crew 161 men 9 officers

This kit by Regia Marina will allow you to build the ships in this class at any point in their careers.

The hull is nicely cast in waterline mode. The hull is cast in a manner similar to plastic injection kits with small resin feeder sprues on the bottom. These are the only areas that will need cleanup. The top side is nicely detailed with plenty of surface detailing. The funnels are cast on and include nice cast on detail and a slightly hollowed out appearance.
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The superstructure parts are few in number, but all well cast just the same. A variety of ships boat and a Macchi L3 float plane body. The wings are included on the photo etch fret shown below. There are two different bridge configurations included to correctly model any of the three ships in the class.
More boats, and some really nice life rafts are included here. The weapons are pretty good, and the searchlights are nicely detailed. The ships boats are extreamly well done with some very fine planking detail inside.
A relief etch stainless steel fret provides the railings and other detail parts. The anti aircraft guns are nicely etched as are the boat cradles and canvas covered railings. 
The instructions could be better. The text is in Italian so it is difficult for me to read them. The illustrations do however answer most of my questions. Page three includes a nice exploded view that is very helpful in location the parts. I still feel that there is room for improvement here.
These built up photos were provided by the manufacturer that show the kit built up in two different versions.
Mirabello 1925
Racchia 1917
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While not a kit for the beginner, this is an impressive kit of a unique subject that you will not find anywher-e else. If your a fan of the Italian Navy, then you will enjoy this accurate, well cast kit. It can represent a WW I destroyer leader, or a WW II destroyer. It is listed as kit #RM 30 for $42.00 US making it a bargain when you consider that it includes a really nice photo etch fret.