Regia Marina 1/700
Caio Duilio Class Battleship
Andrea Doria-1944-1951
Reviewed by Timothy Dike

The Italian Battleship Caio Duilio and sister ship Andrea Doria were originally built in World War One. They had an impressive armament but sacrificed armor protection. They saw no action in that war and were extensively rebuilt just before the Second World War. They gained over 30 feet in length, went from coal fired to oil fired and increased top speed from 21 to 27 knots. Both ships were active in the Mediterranean were they were used to attack British convoys. Both ships were used unsuccessfully against the British Force H, though there presence in that theater tied up many valuable Allied ships that could have otherwise been used elsewhere.


Length                  613.2'
Beam                     91.10'
Draft                    34'
Displacement Full Load   29,391 tons (Caio Duilio)
                         28,882 tons (Andrea Doria)
Boilers                  8 Yarrow oil burners
Turbines                 2 Belluzzo geared turbines
Shafts                   2
Max. Speed                27 knots

Main Battery             10 x 12" main guns in 2 twin and 2 triple turrets
Secondary                12 x 5.3"/45 cal
Anti Aircraft            10 x 3.5" 
                          8 x 3.93 single and twin (later 19)
                         16 x 20 mm twin mounts

Regia Marina has produced two new kits the Caio Duilio and Andrea Doria. They can be built up to represent the ships from any time after their 1937 reconstruction. The hull is well cast with portions of the main superstructure cast in place. There is considerable detail on the deck with fine planking and even well cast cable reels. Click images
to enlarge
A kit of this size deserves a few extra views of the hull
The superstructure parts are uniquely designed to take advantage of the way the conning tower is molded. The various bridge levels are molded with an open center allowing them to be slid down over the structure. This will eliminate a lot of seam filling and ensure that all levels are in line. Other platforms and parts are well cast with a minimum of flash.
The main guns are completely cast top and bottom much like injection molded parts. Only a thin runner from the sighting hoods will have to be removed. The turrets have well cast blast bags and barrels. Machined aluminum gun barrels are included for the secondary armament.

The main difference between the Caio Duilio and Andrea Doria is the the B and C main gun turrets, and some gun directors. The Andrea Doria exclusive parts are shown on the right.

A nice stainless steel photo etch fret is included with all the railings and detail parts to finish off the kit. Some of the parts are not as fine as some of the after market Photo Etch suppliers. But they are perfectly usable and it is a plus to have them included in this kit.
Caio Duilio instructions

Instructions are several pages of detailed assembly drawings, ranging from exploded views to plan and elevation views. Camouflage design sheets show the camo each ship wore. 

Andrea Doria  instructions
Both ships employed some colorful camouflage patterns during their careers.

Andrea Doria 1941
Andrea Doria 1941

Andrea Doria 1942

Caio Duilio 1941
Caio Duilio 1941

Caio Duilio 1942

Caio Duilio 1944-51

(Andrea Doria 1944-51 shown at top of page)
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While not a kit for the beginner, this is an impressive kit of a unique subject that you will not find anywhere else. This kit sells for $78.00 US making it a bargain when you consider that it includes a photo etch fret and machined gun barrels. Regia Marina kits are available at Pacific Front Hobbies in the US.