Pit-Road 1/700
IJN Submarine RO-35
Box Art
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The RO-35 was a K-6 Type Submarine built in 1943. Armed with 21" oxygen propelled torpedo's they packed a deadly punch. But these submarines operated in dangerous waters and most did not survive the war. The RO-35 was probably lost due to ASW operations by the USS Patterson while operating in the Solomon Isles less than a year after her launching. 

This kit from Pit-Road will build most any of the K-6 Type subs. As a bonus Type D midget sub is included as well. 

The kit can be built as either a full hull or waterline kit. A lower hull or flat bottom insert can be attached at the surfaced waterline. Molding is pretty good, even though this kit has been around for a little while. The bow halves are molded separately so there will be some seams to fill before painting. The kit includes a base for for full hull display.
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A decal sheet is provided with plenty of markings for most any of the Japanese subs. Flags, and hull markings are just some of the decals included. click here
The instructions are good, consisting of a little history and several exploded views showing the various subassemblies. It is straight forward and easy to follow. click here
Typical of the water line series of kits this one has a painting guide on the back of the box with color numbers for the Pitroad and Guze Sangyo line of paints. The art work is pretty detailed and includes rigging.

This kit has been on the market for a few years, but is a pretty nice kit with sharp detailing and plenty of potential. It can be built out of the box with good results. But add a some PE rails and rigging and you have a real nice representation of one of Japan's famous WW 2 submarines. This is kit #W45 and has a current retail of about $14.95 US.

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