Aoshima 1/700
IJN Submarine I-400

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
With all the new kits produced in 1/350 scale it is easy to over look what's happening in 1/700 scale. This new kit from Aoshima is the Japanese seaplane carrying submarine 1-400. This sub was the largest of all the WW 2 submarines. It featured a watertight seaplane hanger and was designed to get in behind enemy lines to attack. The Panama Canal was the intended target for this class, but that mission was never accomplished. This new kit helps expand the 700 waterline fleet with another nicely molded kit.
The molding on this kit is very nice and the detail is well done. The propeller guards are very thin and are good enough that you don't need to replace them with photo etch.  Click images
to enlarge
This sprue features the deck and other parts. The deck features a planked surface and some hatch details. The interior of the hanger includes some bracing. The aircraft are also featured on this sprue and are included with fixed and separate wings for folding.
The standard waterline base is included for the bottom. A weight is include to keep it settled on your display shelf.
The hull is molded in two halves and feature very nice detailing. The limber holes are nicely rendered and really stand out.
A single sprue from the Waterline consortium IJN Light Weapons set is included to supply extra parts. The top and bottom of that sprue are shown in the image on the right.
A decal sheet with flag and hull numbers is included.
The instructions are front and back of a single sheet. A separate sheet is included for the weapons spure. The back of the box includes a painting guide.

This new sub is #AOS38444 IJN Submarine I-400 with a list price of $18.00 US. A good price for this new submarine with all new tooling. 

Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. They feature an extensive line of ships and accessories. You can get yours online at Pacific Front Hobbies secure site