Bang Modeling 1/700
J.C.G. Patrol Vessel PL-07 Satsuma

Reviewed February 2017
by Timothy Choi
PL-07 Satsuma is a 1300-ton Japanese Coast Guard patrol ship, built in 1999. Part of the PL-02 Erimo class, she is equipped with a 35mm main gun, as well as a superfiring 20mm mount and helicopter deck. Not much information is available on the English internet about this class of ship, making it somewhat of a challenge to find references - still, some decent photos of the class can be found here

Bang Modeling is a small resin company in Japan. Their kits are not commonly found outside of Japan, so it was with some surprise that I found this kit during the Vancouver IPMS Fall Show. Thanks Kerry for putting it for sale!

It is interesting to compare this with Pit-Road's plastic kit - although I don't have it, internet photos provide some points for comparison, which I'll mention below. 

The hull is moulded waterline, with very sharp portholes and cutouts along the bow bulkhead for the various bollards on the deck. This is a pleasant level of detail not found in the Pit-Road plastic kit.

The only fault I can see is the scratched helo deck - this will require some minor repairs.

Various Resin Parts
The resin parts seem well-done. They're not as sharp as the latest kits using CAD+3D printed masters, but still perfectly usable. 
Metal Parts
White metal is used for the boat davits, the navigation lights atop the bridge, and the bonus Beechcraft 350 aircraft. There are also rods in brass and plastic for mast-top navigation radars and other details. There is a bit of flash on the edges of the aircraft, but they should be easy to remove - more discerning modelers may wish to add winglets to the wingtips. 
No photoetched details are included in this kit.
Extensive decals are included for both the ship and the Beechcraft. Apologies for the low resolution of the Beechcraft details - technical issues arose.
Instruction are a graphically simple affair on a single sheet - thankfully, there aren't too many parts and they're all fairly distinct, so the drawings should suffice. Descriptions are included for all parts.
A decent multimedia kit, the most challenging aspects to Bang Modeling's PL-07 Satsuma (item no. BM-CG03) would be finding references for details better replicated in photoetch. If you can find it, I would recommend it over the Pit-Road version due to the better level of molded detailing, especially on the hull.