Tamiya 1/700 Japanese Military Transport Set

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This kit has been around for many years but it is worth a look anyway as it in production. Produced by Tamiya it includes two different types of transports. 
The first kit is a tank landing ship with a bow ramp for beach landing. The kit is molded in waterline style and has pretty good detail for an old kit. The splinter shields are a bit thick, but will probably be fine for most modelers. Also included are tanks some fitted with floatation kits to allow them to operate in the amphibious capacity.  Click images
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The second transport also molded waterline style was used to transport landing craft and midget subs. Molding is pretty good overall and while there is room for improvement, it's really not bad. Besides the landing craft, the kit also includes a couple midget subs. 
Instructions are front and back of a single page. Mine is in Japanese, but a picture is worth a thousand words and there are more illustrations in color on the box bottom.
A cool old kit that will let you model the less observed side of the war. Midget Sub Transport or Amphibious Landing Force. 

This kit came from my stash of kits. These sets sell for about $11-13, and many of our Sponsors still carry them.  

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