Blue Water Navy 1/350
IJN Destroyer Kagero
Box Art
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Possibly the most successful class of Japanese Destroyers was the Kagero class. Almost identical to the proceeding Asashimo, this class was an improvement in terms of amour protection and sea keeping. There were 18 other Kagero Class Destroyers built including such notables as Amatsukaze and Yugumo. This kit could be used to  build any of them with some minor details. As depicted in the instructions the Kagero represents an early war version. Late in the war some of these ships had their aft #2 gun turret replaced with triple 25 mm anti aircraft guns and an additional triple 25 mm added on a platform behind the #1 turret. 
The hull is well cast and detailed. Most of the superstructure is cast on inlcuding the main funnel and the base of the second one. There is quite a bit of cast on detail, from the deck tread plate details to the cables and plumbing running along the superstructure. 

A lower hull is inlcuded for those who don't want to do a waterline version.

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The other superstructure parts are well done with the same level of detailing. The main guns have that unique IJN shape as do the torpedo launchers. Both the guns have cast metal barrels and the torpedoes launchers have cast metal torpedo tips. The ships boats are well cast but have a rather large casting plug on the read that you will have to be careful removing.
Main Weapons details
The cast metal parts are well detailed, most have a light flash, but this is easily removed.
A photo etch fret is included with everything from bridge walls and torpedo cranes to the railings. The railings appear to be cut to length so all you have to do is attach them, no measuring and cuttings. click here
The instructions are among the best I have seen. They are  very extensive and show the ship in great detail in a series of plan and profile drawings. The only thing I would add is a few 3D views or photo's to better show exact parts placement.
A complete kit with everything needed to finish the ship except paint and rigging. Possibly one of Blue Water Navy's best kits. This kit lists for $119.95 retail but can often be found for less at most online hobby shops.