Hasegawa 1/700 DDH Izumo

Reviewed September 2015
by Timothy Dike
While classified as a helicopter destroyer the Izumo is actually a helicopter carrier.  When completed in March 2015 she was a largest warship built by Japan since the Second World War.  The ship will displace 27,000 tons full load and carry up to 28 aircraft of various types.  Officially it will operate helicopters, however the V22 Osprey and the F35 Lightning can be deployed in the future.

Armament consists of two SeaRAM and two Phalanx CIWS backed up by a variety of radar and sonar systems.  The ship is designed primarily for the ASW role but can also be used as a search and rescue platform or even an amphibious assault platform. 

This new kit by Hasegawa will allow you to portray the ship in most any of these roles.

The first sprue consist primarily of the flight deck, platforms and ships boats.  Molding is sharp and clean. Click to
enlarge image
This sprue features the waterline base, the bow, stern platform, and various hull inserts.
The hull is molded in halves with the starboard side shown here.  Many of the levels for the island are included here.
The port side is included on the sprue with many of the platforms, again with nice molding.
The island superstructure is included on the sprue.  Slide molding is used here to allow for a virtually seamless construction with detail on three sides.  The result is nicely detailed bridge windows.
Radomes, antenna, and various mast parts are included on the sprue.
These parts are the internal braces that help hold the hull shape.
Two of these sprues are included featuring the V-22 Osprey and various trucks and deck equipment.  The V-22 is provided with engine pods rotated for vertical takeoff or horizontal takeoff.  Standard cargo and 18 wheeled trucks are included.  Forklifts, tow tractors, and even a cherry picker are included.  These are all nicely molded and in most cases one piece.
Two sprues are provided with the helicopters.  Folded and deployed rotor blades are provided.
Markings for JMSDF DDH-183 include hull numbers, flight deck markings, as well as flags and helicopter markings.  Window decals are provided for the various aircraft, all are sharp clear and well registered.
Two large pages show the assembly process with step by step subassemblies as well as painting and decal locations.An extra sheet printed front and back is provided showing railing locations for the upgrade set available separately.  This will come in handy even if you choose to use your own photo etch railing.
This new kit release is perfectly timed to coincide with Japan's newest ship entering service.  If you want your modern JMSDF fleet to be up to date you'll need to add this the DDH to your collection.

This is kit # HSGS4931 1/700 JMSDF DDH183 Izumo Helicopter Destroyer with a list price of $54.99 US. Thanks to Hobbico (Great Planes) Model Distributors for the review sample. They are your US distributors for Hasegawa.

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